New Launch Campaign

The new range seeks to address some of the feedbacks which we gathered from you over the years and they are :-

  1. Smaller portions for a single brew
  2. Lower price
  3. Less washing

    Unlike our current products on "Shinno Tea" which focus on loose leaf teas meant for traditional brewing. "Shinno Tea Express" focuses on providing these traditional tastes in a easy to use tea bag by leveraging on our experience from working with loose leaf teas over the past nine years. Which is also why we needed your help to bring this project to life, including the NEW TEA which is going to be introduced exclusively in this range !!


    What's Special About This Launch ?

    While we do make tea, we do not have the machines to make the tea bags. Therefore, It will be launched exclusively on Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform where we offer you exclusive rewards for supporting our launch. Wander what is it like ? Check out the exclusive link below !

    How it works ?

    It is pretty similar to your normal online purchase! Except for the following :-

    • By "purchasing" Shinno Tea Express in our crowdfunding campaign. The tea is actually the reward for your pledged amount to our funding campaign and it will only be charged if the campaign is successfully funded.
    • The delivery time is longer as we only manufacture the product AFTER it is successfully funded. 
    • It is done on instead of


    Introducing our farming buddies! Find out what our campaign has got to do with them with below link on 01.07 ~ ☺️

    Meanwhile, we have prepared a simple video for our crowdfunding campaign !! Remember to use the link at the bottom so we can notify you on the launch !!