Club Rainbow Singapore

Club Rainbow (Singapore), otherwise known as CRS was founded locally in 1992. And their cause, in their own words:-

"We support and empower children with chronic illnesses & their families
by providing compassionate relevant services in their journey
towards an enriching life"

The fact is, not everyone is born equal. But for sure, we should be given a equal chance to live our life to the fullest. And that is exactly what Club Rainbow is focusing on. With a holistic approach, CRS offers a wide range of services to help children with chronic illnesses with their day to day life while chartering a development path for them to integrate into the society. It is no doubt a tough job trying to cover the many aspects of needs due to the difference of individual they serve. For that, we salute them for their efforts.

Running cost are approximately 10% of total expenditure which was funded from various channel such as voluntary income ( 48% ), Fund raising activities ( 31% ), Grants ( 14% ) and investment activities ( 7% ) from reserves which complies with the regulation from Commissioner of Charity ( Singapore ). 

Besides complying with regulations, CRS has proven with track record that the amount of investments has been kept constant and in pace with their expenditure needs. And more importantly, the invested reserves was proved useful when it supported the continuous growth despite financial deficits which adds up to  approximately 2.5M in between 2016 and 2019

Club Rainbow Corporate Video ( Highlights on 2 Min 10 Seconds )


Irregardless of the automations and innovations going around, there will always be human component in the process somewhere, or somehow. Children, being the hope of tomorrow. Should all be given a equal chance to live their life to the fullest. 😘 


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