Tea Supplies For F&B / Retailers / Caterers

What We Supply
Chinese Tea
- Loose Leaf Tea
- Tea Bags
Tea Dust
- Red Tea
- Black Tea
    How It Works
    Leveraging on our direct supply model, we are expanding into our business into the tea supply market to provide F&B retailers with a alternative to the standard teas available on the market. Having 2 years of market data gathered from our trial project where we ran and operated our own retail store from 2015 till 2017. We understand your needs, your challenges, and your thirst for a menu that would stand out from the competition. 
    From exploring the idea of serving tea, to the expansion of your tea options.  We are thrilled to join you no matter which stage you are at. In fact, it would be great if we could join you before you start to introduce tea into your menu! From ready brewed tea served in pots, refillable ones, self serve tea bags, traditional brewing set up to cold serving and takeaways. We would love to share our experience with you to ensure successful deployment and efficient day to day operations.
    Ways You Can Get Your Supplies From Us
    Free Of Charge Consignment
    (3 Months)
    We know it is difficult to anticipate customer's response towards new products, why not try it out with our consignment supplies ? We will provide you with the tea and the display items for a period of 3 months with a small deposit, which will be returned to you at the end of the consignment period. During which, please feel free to sell, introduce, provide samples or gather feedbacks from your customer! After all, you will only pay for what your sell, it is just like adding a new item in your menu with NO COST at all.
    (In the unlikely event that nothing was sold, we will return you the full deposit and recollect the items free of charge.)
    Ad hoc
    The tea sells, and the consignment period is ending soon. But I am not ready to commit to a contract supply yet! Now what ? Consider our ad hoc supplies to continue your trial while you monitor your monthly consumption.
    Yearly Contract Supplies
    (Minimum 200Gram / 40 servings Per Month)
    Customers seem to be accepting this tea, and I have observed a average monthly consumption, now what ? Consider taking up a 1 year supply contract to lower your supply cost. As a bonus for your participation, we will also offer:-
    • Tea wares, tea pots and related products at factory cost.
    • A discount price to brand your supplies under your name, AKA White Labelling, with no minimum order quantity. 

    (By participating in our white label programme,  we will automatically replace the balance contracted supplies to your own brand. Find our more about our White Label Programme HERE.)

    Which in other word, your monthly supplies can now also be sold in stores. 

    Statistics have shown that customer's are more inclined to the purchase of a product when they are introduced to the subject shortly after they experience it. 


    Please use below details to get in touch with us if you need any assistance. :)
    Text / Call Us At 8233 1141
    From 10.30am To 6pm 
    Monday To Saturday
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