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Shinno Red Robe

Shinno Red Robe

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Da Hong Pao or “Big Red Robe” teas a heavily oxidised dark Oolong tea. It is the King of the Famous Five Rock Teas in the Wu Yi mountain of China. This tea is legendary. During the Qing Dynasty, Big Red Rope tea was entitled “King of Tea”.



Full bodied tea with a sweet aftertaste. With every sip, he floral fragrance remains lingering in your mouth for a good few minutes.


Health Benefits

Big Red Rope tea can stimulate your central nervous system, improve thinking and increase work efficiency. It helps in getting rid of lactic, uric acid, and other harmfil substances from the body. Tea polyphenols and vitamin C helps blood circulation and prevent arteriosclerosis therefore lowering hypertension and coronary heart diseases (CHD).



Individually packed in an air tight resealable bag. 100 Gram Per unit

Red Robe



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