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Shinno Pu Er

Shinno Pu Er

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Nuo Mi Xiang or Glutinous Rice flavoured Pu Er tea is a scented Pu Er tea made of ripe Pu Er tea infused with the scent of the “Nuo Mi Xiang Nen Ye” or “ Sweet Rice Tender Leaves” herb. This rare plant herb is normally grown under ancient tea trees and resembles the smell of fragrant rice or our famous pandan leaves. Once infused with Pu Er tea, this special brew will deliver an enhanced flavour and increase the health benefits of Pu Er tea.



This tea has a very mild and smooth mouth feel. Warm rice aroma infused with Pu Er tea highlighting a fig-like sweetness. This warm aroma lingers in the mouth giving off a natural sweet aftertaste. Every sip leaves you feeling warm and refreshed.


Health Benefits 

Proven to be an effective beverage with the functions of eliminating fats, reducing weight, strengthening the body and lengthening longevity by specialists about Yunnan Tuocha in Paris.



Individually packed in an air resealable bag. 100 Gram per unit

Pu Er



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