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Shinno Long Jing

Shinno Long Jing

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Longjing or “Dragon Well” tea is the Lamborghini of China’s green tea market. Mellow sweetness is a hallmark of Chinese style green tea, one that focuses on aroma and texture of the brew.  



Longjing Tea is mellow but distinctly vegetal. It’s described as the taste of Spring’s green vegetables accented by roasted chestnuts that lasts for a good few minutes in the mouth.


Health Benefits

The aromatic compounds in green tea helps dissolve fats. Vitamin B1, C, and caffeine can promote gastric secretion to amid digestion. Green tea antioxidants, especially EGCG, have a dual role in fighting fat buildup and preventing the development of cancer cells in the body. This tea further strengthens your immune system, boosts metabolism, and eliminates free radicals.



Individually packed in an air tight resealable bag. 100 Gram per unit

Green tea



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