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Shinno Ginger Red Tea

Shinno Ginger Red Tea

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Ginger Red Tea, another work of art ! Using red tea as the base while blending selected ginger into the tea. Unlike the first impression you may have, it does not have any spiciness or overpowering flavour of ginger. Taking its place, is the pleasant aroma of ginger and smooth after taste of the red tea. Are you curious about how it taste like ? Check it out now !



This tea has a very mild mouth feel. Fruity aroma  from the selected gingers infused with our red tea. This creates a unique aroma which lingers in the mouth giving off a uniquely pleasant aftertaste. Every sip leaves you feeling warm and rejuvenated. 


Health Benefits 

Red tea are well known for the ability to combat bacteria while ginger has been used traditionally as a dietary supplement to overcome gas related syndrome.


Individually packed in an air tight resealable bag. 100 Gram per unit



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