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Dual Layer Glass Tea Bottle

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Tea making is now as simple as flipping a switch ! Simply turn this bottle over and start sipping away ~ Double layer glass walled structure makes it easy to hold while providing some insulation to keep your tea warm for a longer period of time. 

The bottle is also designed for different types of usage.

Drinking alone ? simply position tea leaves in the smaller chamber and fill the bigger chamber with hot water. Seal up, turn around to brew and turn it back when you are done ! Remove the smaller chamber along with the filter and use the bigger chamber as your drinking vessel.

Sharing with a group ? Put tea leaves in the bigger chamber, fill with hot water and seal with the smaller chamber. When you are done, remove the smaller chamber but NOT the filter. Pour into your serving cups or use the smaller chamber as a tea cup.


  • Do wait for the hot liquid to be completely drained before opening the bottle.
  • Ensure there is no foreign object in-between the filter and chamber before closing to ensure proper sealing and preventing leaks.  



  • Dual layer glass walled body
  • Stainless stell filter
  • Thermal shock resistance glass material



  • 1 small chamber, 1 big chamber, 1 filter piece



  • Please allow 1-2 cm in displacement due to manual measurement




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