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How To Stay Positive Amidst The Current Covid - 19 Situation

It is easy to get all gloomy or tensed amidst the current Covid -19 situation, but let us not forget the silver lining which lies within the crisis. If only we take a look at things in a different way and start focusing on what we have rather than what we do not, you might find that there is no better time than now to spend quality times with your family. Just try to think back, when was the last time you had decided to :-
- give up a visit to your parents due to the hectic schedule?
- What about your kids? When was the last time you really had a legit reason to keep them at home all to yourself ? (Blessing or misfortune, to each his own, haha 🤣
Well, jokes aside. The whole point is, the key to happiness and living a fulfilling life is just sitting right in front of you but often overlooked due to day to day chores. And NOW is the time to start picking it up and start doing the things that we had always wanted to do for ourselves but never really had the time to do so. Just to share a few which came to our mind.
The Truth:-
  • Read a book.
  • Do some push ups and trim down that belly.
  • Watch TV with parents.
 The Marketing Info:-  😂
  • Take out that dusty tea set to make some tea like you always wanted.  
Unlike past promotions where we encourage customers to buy more and pile up. We are encouraging customers to buy only what they need by releasing the promotion schedule in advance so you can plan your purchase accordingly and get the deal that really suits you.


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No doubt we are discounting our price for the first time since opening in 2012, you still do not need put your entire year of tea purchase into this promotion. As mentioned in the foreword, the purpose of the promotion is to allow customer to plan their purchase. 

(Don't worry, this paragraph is quoted from boss's instruction, won't get fired because of this 😜

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