Kim Choo Traditional Salty Chang (Chilli Prawn)

Kim Choo Traditional Salty Chang (Chilli Prawn)

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Hand made locally, quality rice dumpling from Kim Choo Kueh Chang. Choose from X.O, Salty Egg, Chilli Prawn, or have it the original way with the Traditional Salty Chang.



Traditional series contains a generous portion of pork that enriches the rice dumpling with it's oils and aromas while the fragrance from the bamboo leaves provides a refreshing note. Hats off for the person who actually came up with this wonderful idea ! :D


Tea Pairing Recommendation

Jasmine Tea and Iron Buddha is recommended for their distinct ability to cut through rich flavours. Both has a hint of floral notes that compliments the unique aroma of the traditional rice dumplings, be sure to try them out ! 


Individually wrapped in bamboo leaf. 
$10 for Bak Changs only purchases within singapore or Free delivery when purchased with any festive bundles.