Kim Choo Nyonya Chang (Pork)

Kim Choo Nyonya Chang (Pork)

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Hand made locally, quality rice dumpling from Kim Choo Kueh Chang. Choose from Chicken, Pork or even Vegetarian ~ ! 



Well balanced between the sweet and savoury notes the well compliments the unique aroma of the bamboo leaves which are used to hold the dumpling in place. 


Tea Pairing Recommendation

Red Robe is recommended if you prefer a strong cup of tea and Li-Hua bai for those who prefers a lighter brew. Both tea has a unique aroma which will be sure to refresh your palate to make sure every bite is as good as the first :)


Individually wrapped in bamboo leaf.



$10 for Bak Changs only purchases within singapore


Free delivery when purchased with any festive bundles. 
Note: Due to the nature of product, it is  not available for international shipping.