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Tea Set B11

Tea Set B11

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Handmade to perfection, this tea set will shine in any occasion like as in really "Shiny". The glittering gold surface is the product of the different minerals after they are heated. Back in ancient times, this kind of tea pots are highly sought after and is very hard to come even for the best craftsman. You need a balanced mixed of minerals and right temperature in order to produce this. And even if you are mining from the same clay pit, each and every portion of clay will have a different mix of minerals in them. Now instead of the probability, maybe we should start thinking about getting one of this set...



  • Natural glittering glaze
  • Handmade tea pot
  • Comes in a bento box. ( Yes, bento box   >.< )



  • 1 tea pot, 3 tea cup. 1 tea tray 
  • Shipped in giftbox packing



  • Please allow 1-2 cm in displacement due to manual measurement




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