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Ge Yao Tea Set

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Made from "Ge Yao" material. This tea set will surprise you with it's crack like patterns which develops underneath the surface after prolonged usage. The development makes each teapot uniquely different. Curious about how this is possible ? This unique characteristic is due to the combination of two layer of material. ceramic and porcelain. Besides looking good, this tea set also boast a brewing temperature not any lower than those of its peers made from clay. It is considered in some region to be the material most ideal to replace "Zi Sha" or purple clay which was a rare material that is still highly sought after.



  • Glazed inner wall, suitable for all tea
  • Crackline patterns underneath surfaces 
  • Comes in gift box



  • 1 tea pot
  • 8 tea cup
  • 1 pitcher
  • 1 filter set
  • 1 master tea cup



  • Please allow 1-2 cm in displacement due to manual measurement




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