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Ge Yao Tea Pot Set

Ge Yao Tea Pot Set

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Made from "Ge Yao" material, similar to our "Ru Ware Tea Pot Set". This tea set will surprise you with it's crack like patterns which develops underneath the surface after prolonged usage. This unique development makes each tea pot one of it's kind. Curious about how this is possible ? This unique characteristic is due to the combination of two layer of material. ceramic and porcelain. The difference with "Ruware Tea Pot Set", is that the porcelain is now on the outside while the ceramic is in the inner layer, giving this set it's jade looking surface. When heated, both material expands at a different rate resulting in the formation of the patterns in between both material.




    • "Ge Yao" material



    • 1 tea pot, 1 pitcher, 1 filter with stand, 6 tea cups



    • Please allow 1-2 cm in displacement due to manual measurement




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