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Sip Up, Slim Down: The Right Way to Drink Green Tea for Weight Loss

Yes! Green tea has the incredible power to shift your fat-burning metabolism into high gear. And, yes, put your hands in the air as research suggests that exercisers who drink green tea lose twice as much weight as those who don't.

Now let's fast forward to you pushing a shopping-cart-full of green tea products at your local grocery store. From Ice cream, noodles, etc to green tea everything. OK, time to pause! A lot of us have actually overlooked that it is the epigallocatechin gallate (aka EGCG, a health boosting antioxidant) which gave green tea its weight loss benefits, and can only be found in green tea. Not the green tea flavourings.

Now you must be wondering what you need to do in order for you to corral the fat fighting power of this superfood, what kinds of green tea should you be drinking? Is green tea extract effective? etc? Below are some of the recommendations and answers which we have put together from our research just for you.

Your Green Tea Questions, Answered

Do I have to use a lot of tea leaves at one go? No. more is not always merrier. The key is to finding you preference of the strength of the tea. You are always free to reduce the amount of tea leafs and extend the brewing time a little as you go along. However, keep in mind to try avoid steeping them for more than three minutes as it would be like overcooking your greens and nullifying all the positive nutrients. 

Do you get the same green tea benefits with flavored green teas? The benefits of green tea shouldn't be lessened by the addition of flavours  However, if the flavoring includes sugar, it may contain more calories than unflavored teas.

Do you get the same green tea benefits with flavored green teas? The benefits of green tea shouldn't be lessened by the addition of flavours  However, if the flavoring includes sugar, it may contain more calories than unflavored teas.

Does the brand of green tea matter? Yes. There can be a difference in the quality of tea leaves and the number of additional, unnecessary ingredients. Most importantly, the better quality green teas are normally in loose leaf forms, unbroken and wholesome. The simple fact that plants can be preserved much longer when they are left in one piece is also applicable in your green tea. Getting them individually packed would be a good idea too. Individually packed tea oxidises much slower than bulk packs as the unconsumed portions are left freshly sealed until you consumes them.

What if the green tea is iced? Sure, it's the same green tea, only colder, but keep in mind that iced teas can be diluted with water. The weight-loss benefits are maximized when it's served hot. However, don't let the water come to a full boil. Instead, pour the water over the tea bag right before it boils (the point where tiny bubbles begin to form). Then, let the tea steep. Just like how you cook your vegetable, a longer time may not be better all the time. The fresher your green tea, the shorter the steeping time. And the best part is, the tea will still taste as good even when steeping is shorter. Now that is how we define good tea! ( We usually only recommends about 3 seconds. Yay ~ ) 

Can green tea go bad? It won't spoil, but like with most foods, "the fresher the better," After around three years from production, the taste of the tea will begin to settle down or some may call this process "Ripen" or "Aged". Some tea drinkers likes it so much that they would buy their favourite tea in 10s of kilograms just to ensure that they will still have enough supply to "Age" while they drink their favourite tea on a routine basis. So we would suggest calling it a best before date rather than a expiry date.

We recommend :-

Shinno Long jing. It is mellow but distinctly vegetal. It’s described as the taste of Spring’s green vegetables accented by roasted chestnuts that lasts for a good few minutes in the mouth.


Jasmine tea which is a light tea to drink. Subtly sweet and highly fragrant.

Simply add some tea leaves into your daily diet and double up your fat fighting metabolism now!

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